Development Seasons
  • Bill of Materials Category
  • Bill of Materials Groups
  • Product Category
  • Article no# Generations
  • Pattern Sheet
  • Sample Requisition sheet
  • Sample Components
  • Sample Process
  • Sample Invoice
  • Cutting, Closing, Lasting, Packing

Pre and Post production costing of Article

  • Department wise manpower planning & budgets
  • Multilevel specification sheets, with components expressed by quantity or percentage
  • Creation basic sheets of components, variable by colour, brand or variant
  • Creation of packing lists from orders
  • Grid Inventory System which looks after the style, size and color of an item.
  • Analysis of and proposals for shipments
  • Management of prototypes and samples
  • Monitoring of the product development stages
  • Generation of requirements and material planning
  • Management of contract work
  • Maintaining of production types, planning and scheduling
  • Stock movements, sample vouchers and commitments regarding materials, batches and locations

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