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SAP Business One

We are the best SAP Business One partners in Chennai, and it helps you to retain control of your entire business.

SAP Business By Design

A full end-to-end ERP solution that integrates all of the business divisions and processes.

Mobile Solutions

Specializing in developing mobile apps that manage sales, distribution and enable tracking.

e-Invoice Solutions

Integrated e-Invoicing solutions that will generate, print, and track e-Invoicing as per the proposed format.

Sales Force Mobile Applications


VERSA is a Sales Force mobile application which manages van sales and distribution sales. Versa connects customers to distributors to track order, price, stock, planning, scheme and customer survey.


SERO is another Sales Force mobile application which manages sales employees and their quotation, orders, appointments, calendar, dashboard reports, customer master and tasks.

Custom Applications

AIS has the capability to develop mobile applications based on customers’ requirements. Our efficient team builds customer specific mobile applications.

SAP business one partners in Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, India.

Business Verticals



SAP Business One is a robust portfolio of technologies that helps you to prepare, schedule, conduct and track the whole manufacturing business of leather products.


Food Processing

Our affordable food ERP program is a versatile and integrated framework that adapts to the needs of your diverse industry, whether you specialize in food processing, rice mills or other food products.



You need a one-point solution in order to easily conduct and execute the necessary activities needed in any auto-related industry, such as car manufacturing or motor industries. Sales growth, simplification of cumbersome processes, decreased spending and thus increased efficiency are some of the benefits of implementing our solutio



ERP solutions from Ananth Info Solutions for the dairy industry streamline various aspects of the processing of dairy products, such as milk sourcing, chilling, pasteurization, homogenization, etc. In addition, this ensures successful cooperation between warehouses, warehouses, chilling centers and processing plants, offering a competitive advantage that is sustainable.



ERP applications for packaging firms hold a plethora of advantages that ultimately drive sales. Our solutions suit everyone's needs and requirements, regardless of the size of your packaging company. We have you covered, from resource monitoring and management, distribution management and supply chain management.

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Enterprise resource planning(ERP)

Ananth Info Solutions provides ERP solutions for best-practice business processes powered by smart technology that allow enterprises to operate better and provide the best user experience.

SAP Business One

With customizable dashboards, SAP Business One helps you retain control of your entire business, zoom in on profit, check your cash flow, find your most lucrative clients, review your sales pipeline, and drill down with a single click deeper into the data. We are the best SAP Business One partners in Chennai.

SAP Business By Design

SAP Business By Design, a full end to end ERP solution, integrates all of the business divisions and processes including accounting and finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and human resources in your organization.

SAP Business One HANA

The high-performance in-memory SAP HANA database helps you to construct portable, fast and secure low-cost data solutions and guarantees that you have business-ready knowledge from a single solution, packed with encryption, privacy and reliability, with a single click.



Make the integrated ASP/GSP solution from Ananth Info Solutions your tech partner, which can do e-Invoicing with 100% assured security and end-to-end expert assistance in a matter of minutes. The integrated e-Invoicing system would produce, print, and track e-Invoicing in a hassle-free way, as per the proposed format.

e-Way Bill

Make the integrated ASP/GSP solution of Ananth Info Solutions your tech partner, which can generate your e-Way bills in a matter of minutes. There are numerous auto-validation tests in our integrated e-Way Bill solution that ensure data integrity by raising the error flag, repeating data and correcting invoice data errors, GSTINs, HSN codes, and many more.

2A reconciliation

Reconciliation with GSTR-2A is the method of matching details in the form of GSTR-2A and data according to a company’s purchasing records. This method would find discrepancies with both the data and reconciliation. If suppliers fail to supply invoices of sales made to a recipient, the record of the sale will not be shown in the recipient’s return GSTR-2A.


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