Mobile Enabled

Mobile – shop floor production entries

Material request through App

Produced, rejection and rework details can be entered through app

Reports can be seen through app

Quality Control

Control panel which is got all information about the testing material. Based on Control panel the product can be tested and result will be updated automatically.

Lot wise testing parameter wise testing can also be possible.

Inspection can be done for Inward QC, In process QC, Job work QC and Customer Return QC

Sub Contracting Process

Vendor Purchase Order, Material transfer to vendor location with eWay Bill automation, Material Accountability Outward raw material, Inward FG and scrap generation, Separate report for Scrap accountability, Sub-Contracting inward and Outward register,


Work order for capturing Input and output material accountability. Automatically capture, display and analyze causes for equipment downtime from ANY production machine; and Capture Reasons for Equipment Downtime. Material request automation to stores.

Customer Monthly Scheduling

OEM’s monthly scheduling can be maintained. The Procurement planning and Production planning can be done accordingly

Vendor Management Portal

It is a web portal which can be integrated with SAP. SAP Material transfer will be sync with Portal as GRN Sub contractor has to raise Delivery challan through this portal, The generated Delivery Challan will be sync as Gate entry Once Vehicle reaches to the Gate, it will be verified and created as document in SAP. This is completely automation process Material Inward and Outward generation report. Including rejection and rework details.


8 steps MRP gives precise suggestion of Material procurement Quantity. Existing Stocks & Existing Purchase order and Minimum stock will be considered.

Machine & Tool Maintenance

Machine wise Tool wise Maintenance, Breakdown maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Electrical Consumption, Machine wise Breakdown Maintenance report and Preventive maintenance report.

Multiple Unit Of Measure

SAP manages multiple unit of measures in order to maintain purchasing of KG and Number.

Scrap Generation & Sale

SAP account all scraps which is being generated from Production and sub-contracting. It has been completely accounted, The detailed scrap generation report