Why SAP ERP for packaging industry

SAP ERP for Packaging Industry in Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore
Estimation Module
Production Process With Routes
Material Costing
Budget Vs Actual
Customer Order Tracking

SAP Benefits

Desired reports and Dashboard Reports.

One single Software for entire Company

Best Practices & Customer Relationship Management

Business Controls like Approval, Alerts and Logic controls

Easy To Use. 3 Months Implementation

All Financial Reports & Easy Currency Conversions


Precise Estimation, Material, design, Manpower and Machine Calculations Based on the Supplier Negotiation the estimation can be modified. Easy to track the modification of estimation Strategic Decision-Making Forecast Impact on Product Price

Production Planning

Based on the customer order the production Planning can be done. Planning gives precise information about machine and material availability Planning can be rescheduled based on urgency of other orders.


The quotation can be prepared according to the Estimation. Easy Negotiation Tracking


Route wise production can be accounted The process will be defined at the time of estimation The raw materials will be assigned to the process Raw Material issue, Production completion, rejection can be accounted Production reports and dash board reports can be taken

Order Management

The customer order can be maintained. The tracking from Estimation to Order is possible

Quality Control

Control panel which is got all information about the testing material. Based on Control panel the product can be tested and result will be updated automatically. Lot wise testing parameter wise testing can also be possible. Inspection can be done for Inward QC, In process QC, Job work QC and Customer Return QC