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About SAP Business By Design

SAP Business By Design is designed to handle all the functions of your business in one location.

One comprehensive SMB Business growth cloud ERP solution without difficulty and expense.

With SAP Business By Design, uplift your business growth by setting out simple concepts across all your business functions.

What is SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP Business By Design is a full end-to-end ERP solution.

SAP Business By Design unifies the accounting and finance, production, supply chain, and human resources of all your business divisions and processes in your organization.

SAP Business By Design Key Benefits

One solution for all functionality

Access and deliver a single end-to-end cloud solution powered by obvious business processes in an easy-to-implement bundle.

Built for permanent development

Experience nuanced, configurable technologies that are built to scale to help make your business more competitive and expand with your organization.


Gain total access to making intelligent choices with analytics that are optimized for the functionality of your company in your daily business.

SAP Business By Design Features

A full list of modules for managing any part of your business operations is given by SAP Business By Design.

Industry-Specific Skills

Control of Supply Chains



Administration of Programs

The Human Services Business

Relationship Maintenance for Consumers


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