Sales Force Versa

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VERSA and it’s applications

VERSA is a Sales Force automation application for effective distribution of goods through Van.

Its main objective is to capture business information real time.

VERSA has Predefined Routes, Driver Performance and Interchanging sub routes.

It helps Order Taking, Delivering Goods, Collections, Returns, Credit Notes, Price and Sales Promotions.

VERSA will act as the front end of your ERP.

Product Overview


Data Security

Live and Auto sync with SD card.

Live and Auto sync with separate data base.

Therefore, data can be retrieved when lost or broken.


System will work both offline and online

Users can work without any difference

SData will be synced with cloud when users are online


Stock report

Daily collection

Daily sales

Daily sales return statement

Customer wise sales report

Customer wise collection report

Customer wise return

Stock reconciliation report

Opening balance, inward, outward, closing stock