Technology can be a Savior for Your Pharmaceutical Operational Challenges

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Technology can be a Savior for Your Pharmaceutical Operational Challenges

As a wholesale distributor, you are always under pressure of competition to keep products’ prices low with the increase in supply. You have to be constantly on your toes to come up with solutions of how to advance margins and increase your revenues. It requires lot of effort to come up with ideas of reducing operational expenses and cutting costs throughout the entire process, i.e., from taking orders, delivering, and payment. It is very important to manage inventory efficiently and add more customers and suppliers in the list.

SAP Business One has a whole distribution software solution helping you to manage the entire wholesale and distribution process starting from taking orders till delivery. It allows you to view inventory levels, status of orders being places, schedules of suppliers in terms of delivering products, and demand of customers.

How to benefit from SAP B1 for your wholesale and distribution?

SAP B1 not only helps in managing core business functions like sales and finance, it also helps you in the following ways:

  • You can easily supervise inventory level and track the real-time movement of goods. SAP B1 helps you minimize lack of stock situation, increase product availability, and reduce inventory costs. The tool very easily manages price lists, special prices and quotations.
  • This tool keeps track of all transactions, such as purchases, sales, stock status, billing, etc. and helps in analyze the purchase behavior of customers in a more accurate way.
  • Do you want to modernize all your processes from placing orders to delivery payment? If yes, SAP B1 helps in automating all key processes and improves efficiency of the entire distribution and wholesale cycle.
  • SAP B1 provides self-service feature where you, customers, as well as suppliers gets a chance to view inventory availability, grade of orders, deliveries status, and billing information.
    • Conclusion

      SAP B1 is an ideal tool for wholesale and distribution industry that helps in maintaining a sustainable profit fringe in a market. Try using features of this tool, it will definitely help you streamline all the processes and increase the revenue of your company.

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